Meet the Instructor

Marina Furtado-Christian has over 15 years of piano teaching experience with students ranging from the age of 5 to adults (grown-ups rarely reveal their ages). She has taught students who took up piano for regular study as well as for therapeutic reasons. She has also conducted group music lessons for preschoolers in Broward County (which brings with it not just experience with the young, but also finger-printing and background checks).

She successfully completed her Performer’s Certificate from the Trinity College of Music, London, while preparing youngsters for their examinations with TCM as well.

She has also worked for an educational music publisher for the last decade immersed in the best educational materials in the country, most of which is utilized in her teaching.

My Beliefs

I believe that music instruction should be enjoyable, built on a solid technical foundation, inspire creativity, and match each individual's goals, whether they are children or adults.

Research has consistently shown that the study of music and an instrument, like the piano, can positively benefit a child in significant ways. The more a child trains on a musical instrument, it accelerates cortical organization in attention skill, anxiety management, and emotional control. Moreover, music has been known to improve a child’s learning abilities, especially in reading comprehension and math. Yet, schools are taking away the benefits of a musical education due to budget cuts.

It's never too late...

I teach anyone from the age of 5 and upwards. I guide each and every student from the basics of reading and playing music through a carefully constructed curriculum using the best methods and publications available.

Don't think you can travel to my studio?

I offer in-person lessons as well as purely online classes. You just need to be atleast 10 years old (and have your parents permission to be online) for these lessons.

Next Steps...

Call (954) 540 8439 / (813) 501-7648 or email [email protected] to schedule your first COMPLIMENTARY lesson.